Our DLV Collection of Decorative Laminate Veneer doors and accessories has evolved to an extraordinary new level of appeal. Four degrees of texture range from satin to the dramatic registered & indexed that are simply captivating. If you prefer a low sheen finish, we now offer Super Matte finishes. The DLV Program now includes 25 door designs with multiple framing widths, on trend colors and grain patterns, including glazed solid colors. Who knew such beautiful, dependable products could be so perfect?

Textural effects from satin smooth, to natural wood grains, to matte solid colors, to deep and dramatic registered and indexed embossing can only be described as simply captivating. Our expanded product offerings have taken the look and feel of these textures to a new level of alluring, especially our deep embossed selection, which uses a revolutionary double sided embossing process to create an extraordinary look that is taking the industry by storm!

Homeowners are concerned about the health and safety in their homes, and of course, for the environment. The Kitchen Medic DLV  products are perfect for not only the home, but for institutional and commercial settings as well. Most framing and molding material for DLV doors and drawer fronts are treated with an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and bacteria for the life of the product! And it is sealed to diminish formaldehyde off-gassing. Its reclaimed and recycled substrate materials are TSCA and CARB2 compliant, and qualify for LEED credits.

While looks are important, in day-to-day living they aren’t everything. That’s why the practical side of DLV is as appealing as it is beautiful. Our DLV products are engineered for dimensional stability, so no worries about expansion and contraction that occur with solid wood products. Durability is always a concern, but not with DLV, as it exceeds KCMA scratch and dent resistance standards. Will it fade or darken over time? Proven UV protection ensures reliable colorfastness for lasting beauty, as well as the ability to incorporate future additions or replacements seamlessly. And when the going gets hot, consider that the heat resistance has been oven tested up to 200°, with no delamination.